TV Buddhas

Westbahnstraße, 2009

It is a day of improvised stages for TV Buddhas. First they play a free show at Substance record store in Vienna’s seventh district. The small venue is packed on this day in June and the air is hot and muggy. Mickey Triest and Juval Haring from Holon, Israel perform an intense and amazing set with their mix of blues rock, psychedelic guitar riffs and minimalist drums. After their show they take only a few deep breaths of fresh air on the pavement outside the venue before they join us for a short acoustic aftermath. Mickey and Juval sit down in a tram shelter for children in front of a wooden-toys-shop. They gather a small crowd consisting of concert goers who followed us and people waiting for the tramway, who get treated with a stripped down version of “Buddha Rock”. The session continues, we walk into a dark backyard of an empty house and TV Buddhas head into an inspired cover version of the Animals song “Bury My Body”. Sadly, this encore will probably never see the light of the day due to legal issues. Maybe you get to hear it when TV Buddhas shop by your city on their seemingly never-ending tour.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Simon Brugner
Simon Brugner
TV Buddhas


Westbahnstraße connects the highly frequented Gürtel road and the busy Neubaugasse with many small-sized shops and cafés. You will also find this or that shop and eatery in Westbahnstraße, but it is more an unimposing street in between the busier ones. Some noteworthy spots there are the record store Substance, the foto gallery Westlicht or the bike(repair) shop ig-fahrrad. Westbahnstraße is situated in Vienna’s 7th district, Neubau, a bourgeois and student neighbourhood.