Karls Garten, 2014

“Jooo!” A band that starts into their performance with a cry of joy can easily take it up with the traffic that whooshes past in the background of Karls Garten. However, next to the heavily trafficked road the urban garden setting stands out like an island of bliss, where Viech’s rousing hit “Steuermann” fits just perfectly. More and more people gather to watch the infectious performance and they easily buy the seamen image from the singers with their massive voices and beards.

Sarah Brugner
Michael Luger
David Ruhmer
David Ruhmer
Post production
Michael Luger

Karls Garten

In the highly frequented surroundings of Karlsplatz, right next to Kunsthalle and the restaurant Heuer lies Karls Garten. Despite its central position this 2000-square-meters green spot has long been a neglected non-place with many people passing by, yet no one to stay. With the opening of Karls Garten in 2014 this has finally changed. School classes bend over raised vegetable beds and inspect the beehive, students do some research on best garden practices and young and old relax on pallet furniture. Even the heavily trafficked road in the background gets blurred out in this oasis setting. In the end it turns out to be a more than an urban garden. Karls Garten is a meeting and resting place, where you can get inspired by gardening, but also by various other small cultural events.