Who Made Who

Greenhouse, Valby, 2012

Jeppe is sitting on the trash can in front of his house in Valby when we arrive. The guitarist and singer of WhoMadeWho strums his guitar and waves as he sees us coming around the corner. He invited us to his place – or better: to the greenhouse in his garden – in a rather suburban neighbourhood full of single-family houses for this session. After looking for some lamp to light the greenhouse and an extension cord for the bass amp Jeppe moves some stuff out of the likeably messy glass shed to make some space. His WhoMadeWho-bandmate Tomas arrives by bike a couple of minutes later and is obviously happy with the improvised yet unquestionably cool location. The two of them sit down in the greenhouse and open the session with an exclusive stripped-down take on their fantastic new single “Inside World”. For the second song they switch places and play 2009’s “Keep Me In My Plane”, one of their most popular tunes that brings a nice groove to the greenhouse.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Bence Kováts
Post production
Michael Luger
Johanne Fick
Who Made Who

Greenhouse, Valby

Valby is a neighbourhood in South West Copenhagen and one of ten official districts of the Danish capital. It is a bit off the beaten tracks for tourists but becoming increasingly popular for residents. In fact Valby has everything to be a functioning city of its own: a charming and lively historic center with restaurants and cafés, a busy train station, a newly-built shopping center, industrial areas, high-rise housing blocks, more suburban areas with single-family houses (including gardens and greenhouses, such as the one we meet WhoMadeWho in), access to the sea and Copenhagen’s biggest park. With the redevelopment of the nearby site of the “Carlsberg brewery“, that lies between Valby and the more central Vesterbro, Valby might become more connected to Copenhagen’s center, both physically and mentally. But even now the neighbourhood in all its diversity is well worth a little detour from the routes travel guides suggest!