Your Gay Thoughts

Ljubljana, 2016

Slovenian pop music may not have a huge international standing yet, but the scene is more than alive. You just need to check out the fantastic MENT Festival in Ljubljana and you’ll go home with tons of bands and tunes from Slovenia and other Balkan countries in your ears. That exact thing happened to us with the fabulous post-pop band Your Gay Thoughts. The four guys from the Slovene capital invited us to their studio for an audio-visual feast that we were more than happy to capture. “Sign” is a brand-new and unreleased track that might in some version also make it onto Your Gay Thoughts’ second album (the first one, “The Watercolours”, has just come out). Until then you can enjoy the slowly-evolving, dreamy and dramatic song paired with Mina Fina’s stunning visuals exclusively here!

Sarah Brugner
Michael Luger
Luka Bernetic
Post production
Michael Luger
Your Gay Thoughts