Mostar, 2017

There is no way around Zoster if you are looking for authentic pop music from Bosnia and Herzegowina. Since their beginnings in 2000 they have created a unique sound, somewhat experimental, but always with pop appeal. While singer Mario likes to shake on stage, he seems a little weary when we meet him and his bandmate Atilla in Mostar. They did an excessive performance the other night and now gather for a mellow session at the Neretva riverside with the Old Bridge in the background. Surrounded by tourists, who only have eyes for the perfect picture, Zoster go for the contemplative “Budi Svoj”.

Sarah Brugner
Michael Luger
Post production
Sarah Brugner


When the sun sets and the day tourists leave, Mostar reveals its true beauty. A walk along the green banks of turqoise-blueish Neretva river, past the stone buildings of the Old Town and across the famous Old Bridge is one of Bosnia’s highlights. With its mediterranean climate the Hercegovinan capital is a pleasant place to visit year-round, although summer days can be very hot. What short-term visitors usually don’t see are the countless unresolved political issues between the Croat and the Bosniak population. 22 years after the war has ended the city is still divided and kids go to different schools depending on their religion. The reconstructed Old Bridge is a strong symbol of connection and unity, but in reality there is still a lot to be done.