Alicia Edelweiss

Alte Donau, 2024

We've told the story of Alicia Edelweiss before: how she started her musical career travelling and busking in Europe and how she learnt - even with little means - to put on quite a show. So when we meet the Vienna-based artist and her band on a summer evening for a boat trip at Old Danube they don't come with shorts and slippers; no, they look fancifully striking! All dressed in blue with glitter drops on their skin, they seem to have just emerged from a magical underwater world and the siren-like appearance of Alicia Edelweiss is especially mesmerizing. À propos mesmerizing: just wait until you hear the quintet cover "Walking the Cow" by Daniel Johnston followed by Alicia Edelweiss' solo of "Dreck"!

Camera & Editing
Sarah Brugner
Michael Luger
Sound Recording & Mix
Oliver Brunbauer

Alte Donau

The Old Danube and the New Danube are Vienna’s most popular bathtubs. While the New Danube is still connected to the actual Danube river, the Old Danube is not. The inland water spreads over 1,6 square kilometres with an average depth of 2,5 meters (the maximum depth is 6,8 meters). Counting between 700.000 and 1 million bathers per year, the Old Danube is a major recreational area for Vienna’s population. And people do not just visit for bathing, but for all kinds of water sports like rowing or sailing or simply for enjoying the scenery like we did for our recording with Tanzhausgeiger.